Our Vision

Altina Drinks is on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture. We’ve used our science smarts to create innovative Zero Proof Craft Cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol. We’ve bottled up our cocktails with a vision to make sophisticated, beautiful and flavour forward drinks accessible to everyone. Check them out here!

We also create experiences around alcohol free living, including bespoke cocktails, alcohol free events and masterclasses. We love making special events like weddings and brand launches even more amazing by working with you to create a bespoke cocktail to suit you! Check out our service offerings as a starting point and get in touch if you'd like to know more!

As a social enterprise, we have social change in our DNA. We’re making an impact by partnering with organisations working in the alcohol harm reduction space. We are using our brand as a vehicle for change by starting the conversation about mindful drinking and continuing it by creating unique and memorable alcohol-free experiences. Want to work with us? We're creative and love a challenge, get in touch with your ideas!

Christina Delay PH.D Co-Founder, CEO & Head of R&D

Christina started Altina Drinks because of her own experience with drinking. She became caught up in the drinking culture of her industry. She decided to change her relationship with alcohol, but found that there were few real alternatives that had a complex flavour profile or that made an occasion a bit special.

Christina is the scientist behind Altina Drinks' cocktail concoctions, bringing a love of food, a Bachelor of Chemical Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Plant Biology to the table.

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Alan Tse

Alan Tse CA, AAICD
Co-Founder, CFO & Head of Business Ops

Alan is passionate about reducing the stigma that alcoholic drinks are the only choice when socialising. He believes people should be able to drink (or not drink) on their terms, without being judged. He co-founded Altina Drinks in the hope it could be a vehicle to change the Aussie drinking culture.

His enviable job of being Chief Taster is balanced out with his role as CFO and Head of Business Operations, where he uses his Bachelor of Economics and accounting qualifications to ensure Altina Drinks grows as a sustainable social enterprise.

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