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Love Wine? Hate Hangovers? We're here for you.

ALTINA makes multi-award winning non-alcoholic wine products that feature beautiful native Australian ingredients. We've taken a different approach to non-alc. wines, gently removing the alcohol, then layering botanicals to create a beautifully balanced, complex wine experience. All our drinks have no added sugar, are low in calories and won't leave you with a sore head the next day.

Who would want a non-alc. wine you ask? Only the 1 in 3 Aussies who are looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption. We're about providing a delicious, healthy option (not about going tee-total), and most of our customers are wine drinkers, who want to cut back a bit. 

We're not a multinational wine company who's jumped on the non-alc. bandwagon making sub-par non-alc. wines that are either super sweet or oddly vinegary. We're an innovative, family owned company passionate about helping people cut back on the booze. And we're succeeding - just check out our hundreds of reviews, awards and national stockists.

The more people we can reach, the bigger the impact we can have - and that's where we'd love your help!

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Let's help change the way Aussies drink together!

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Alan and Christina (Al-tina :) )