Altina alcohol free drinks are made in a new way

We combine the latest in green chemistry with the highest quality ingredients for plant- based indulgence.

Our process starts with specially chosen air-dried botanicals that are then cold steeped for a minimum of 36 hours. This allows us to extract the complex and elegant flavours while capturing the volatile aromas (all those wonderful smells and flavours).

We do this without  the use of sugar syrup or alcohol, both of which can overpower delicate flavours and affect mouthfeel. We then triple filter out any impurities to maximise taste and visual clarity.

Our alcohol-free drinks may contain small amounts of natural sugars however unlike our competitors we never ever add any cane sugar or grape juice concentrate to our products.

The result is a naturally non- alcoholic drink with specially selected ingredients that interact with your taste receptors to build complexity as you sip.


Altina is based on the brand principles of


We use science and green chemistry to create next generation non alc drinks.


The ritual and theatre of wine combined with the discovery of new natural ingredients expertly blended.


We understand the power of sophisticated contemporary design.


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