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As we don't use artificial stabilisers in our drinks, sediment can sometimes form. It does not affect the taste, quality or shelf life of the drinks. If left upright, it should settle to the bottom.

Altina is a collection of delicious botanically built non-alcoholic wines. They are made from natural ingredients and Australian native botanicals and are designed to be enjoyed straight from the bottle.

We recommend chilling, and serving in a fancy glass.

Yes, all of our drinks may contain capsaicin.

La Vie En Rose and Le Blanc are sulphite free. Our other wines do contain sulphites.

We don't use any artificial sweeteners (or added sugar) in our drinks.

Our drinks do contain preservatives. You can find the ingredient lists for all of our drinks here.

Altina has a shelf life of up to 2 years unopened.

Check the best before date on the can/bottle. Once opened, refrigerate and use within 2 days.

Altina is a collection of delicious botanically built non-alcoholic wines. They are made from natural ingredients and Australian native botanicals.  Our entire collection is non-alcoholic (contains less than 0.02% ABV), and no added sugar.

Altina Le Blanc contains green tea.  The caffeine in this product is less than 10mg per litre which is very minimal.

If you have any concerns about drinking Altina during pregnancy, please speak to your Doctor.

Check out our stockist list.

We are often at markets or events around Australia where we offer free tastings. Keep an eye on our social pages to find out where we'll be next.

We also have some taster pack options available to purchase. These packs are great for trying a few of our drinks to see which ones you like before committing to a bigger order. Find our Taster Collection here.

Our minimum order quantity is 3 bottles. You can build your own 3 bottle pack here.

Otherwise, many of our stockists sell single bottles. You can use our stockist locator to find your closest stockist.


All orders received will generally be dispatched within 48 hours. Our courier generally delivers to metro areas within 2-3 days. Please check the Shipping page for the most up to date shipping information.

Yes, there will be an option for express shipping at checkout

Check out our refund page for more information.


SavedBy Package Protection is an optional insurance add-on that can help cover the cost of lost, damaged or stolen orders. We do everything that we can to make sure that your order gets to you, but in cases when issues arise SavedBy can help.

SavedBy Protection varies depending on the price of your order. It will automatically calculate once you begin to add items to your cart. For most order it costs between $1-5.

You don’t, but it can help speed up the process of resolving issues related to shipping. And in some cases where packages may not be covered by us (such as if your order is stolen after delivery), SavedBy can help where we wouldn’t be able to.

If your order has been lost, damaged or stolen, please file a claim with SavedBy here: https://savedby.io/file-a-claim. Please review their policies to make sure that your package can be covered here: https://savedby.io/policies

If you need any help filing a claim with SavedBy, please reach out to our team at orders@altinadrinks.com

SavedBy can help send a new package within 1 business day! Sometimes it may take longer, but in most cases they are very quick to resolve any issues that arise.

SavedBy will send you an email confirmation once you have placed an order in our store that includes their SavedBy Package Protection. Keep your eye out for it!

If you have any questions for their team, or have filed a claim, they will email you directly with any questions, updates, and resolutions. Their email address is: Support@Savedby.io for general questions, and Claims@SavedBy.io for issues with packages.


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You can contact us at orders@altinadrinks.com

You can contact us at orders@altinadrinks.com