Alcohol Free Gifts + Sober Gifts

Altina Drinks Creates Sophisticated, Complex and Unique Flavours for an Unmatched Alcohol Free Experience. • Low/ No Added Sugar • Low Calories • Natural Ingredients • Simply Delicious • $5 Shipping Nationwide or Free Shipping Over $80

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9 products

Alcohol Free + Sober Gifts

Our delicious non alcoholic cocktail bottles make the perfect gift for a mum to be, non drinkers, the newly sober, healthy and active friends, and those that just love trying innovative new drinks!
Although our drinks are loved by many people including drinkers and non drinkers, they have become quite popular sobriety gifts, what better way to show someone you are proud of them by gifting them alcohol free drinks or add these into a sobriety gift basket you are putting together. Our drinks are the perfect sobriety gift for her or him and the perfect way to celebrate sobriety dates; whether it's for 1 year sobriety gifts, a month or decades, our delicous drinks are the perfect way to mark such a significant occasion.  
Also, great for celebrations, birthdays, baby showers, a nice addition to alcohol free hamper gifts and dry months.
Our duo packs come in beautiful gift boxes that make the recipient feel great! Add in some garnish packs for extra sophistication.

Our Alcohol Free Gifts + Sober Gifts Are Perfect For Corporate Gifts, Thank You Gifts and Even Event Speaker Gifts

Our alcohol free drinks are also the perfect thank you gift, speaker gift or corporate gift. Steer clear of the boring old bottle of wine. In fact, 42% of the population drink rarely or not at all. Delight your colleagues and clients with a unique and innovative corporate gift.

Not Only Are Our Alcohol Free Gifts Healthy But They Are Made From Natural Ingredients. Making Them The Perfect Sober Gift

Our alcohol free drinks are powered by beautiful plant ingredients. With low or no added sugar, we've created unique and tasty cocktails without the downsides! 
Perfect for people who are health conscious, looking after their weight, or are pregnant and breastfeeding.