Virgin Mimosa Recipe for Dry January

Virgin Mimosa Recipe for Dry January

Now you can truly enjoy bottomless Mimosa's, without a sore head the next day with ALTINA's Sparkling Brut. 

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to ALTINA's Sparkling Brut and a unique twist on the classic virgin mimosa, using fresh orange flower ice cubes.

Benefits of ALTINA's Sparkling Brut

ALTINA's Sparkling Brut stands out with its high-quality ingredients , including de-alcoholised wine and Native Peach (Quandong). This gives it a unique flavor profile that caters to those seeking an elevated experience. Its versatility in cocktails makes it a perfect choice for crafting sophisticated and refreshing mocktails, aligning with the rising trend of non-alcoholic beverages. 

The Rise of Virgin Cocktails

With the growing interest in sophisticated mocktails, ALTINA plays a pivotal role in offering a non-alcoholic alternative without compromising on taste. Our Sparkling Brut becomes the canvas for this virgin mimosa recipe, showcasing the brand's commitment to the evolving preferences of consumers

The Virgin Mimosa Recipe


 ALTINA's Sparkling Brut

Fresh oranges

Orange juice (freshly squeezed tastes best)


Create fresh orange flower ice cubes by thinly slicing orange halves. Place 2-3 halves into a giant square ice cube tray (odd one to your order here), alternating sides to give a petal effect. 

Fill the ice cube tray with orange juice, to just below the top of the orange slices. Freeze until set.

Carefully remove the ice cubes and add to your favourite coup. 

Pop the cork on ALTINA's Sparkling Brut and pour over the ice cube.

Check out our video for how to make this virgin mimosa


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