5 tips to cut down on your alcohol consumption

5 tips to cut down on your alcohol consumption

For some the idea of cutting down on your alcohol consumption can seem impossible and others may just want to become more aware of their drinking habits. No matter your reasoning for considering going alcohol free or reducing your intake, we here at Altina want to provide you with six tip for cutting down and revaluating your relationship with alcohol.

 Tip 1: Keeping track

 When entering into this journey and you’re unsure of your relationship with alcohol it may be worth keeping a journal around how much you are consuming over certain periods of time and when. Once you’ve collected some information over a bit a few weeks you may be able to create a better understanding of your alcohol consumption, this could show you are likely to have a couple of glasses of wine every second night or you are binge drinking on the weekends, these may be habits you want to break long term. Once you are able to see the patterns on paper it may be one of your motivations to revaluate that relationship.

 Tip 2: Planning ahead

 We have all gone out on a night out and said, “I’m only going to have one” and end up staying for hours longer than expected. If this is happening to you more often than not then you might benefit from planning ahead and ordering an Uber before going out, this way you have a dedicated time to go home and it will motivate you to leave when you intended. This also prevents any temptation to drive after drinking too much if that was your original plan.

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Tip 3: Substitute your drinks

 While water isn’t exactly the sexiest alternative it is a great substitute if you don't have non alc alternatives on hand. When you have that craving for a glass of wine, considering swapping it out for some water. 


You could also work to pick one day a week where you indulge in a non alc alternative. If this is doable, push it to a few days or a week. Small challenges are just as much of a success as marking out a month to attempt going alcohol free.

 Tip 4: “One Less” Rule

When trying to reduce your alcohol intake definitely consider the one less rule. When you want to drink, think about what one thing I could do instead that would make me feel better in the long run. This could include exercising, preparing a healthy meal, or cleaning your bedroom. These small tasks can work wonders for taking your mind off of drinking but also reducing your stress, which in some cases may be contributing to your alcohol consumption.

Tip 5: Plans with friends

While it is easy to create plans with friends that revolve around drinking, there are so many other fun things to do with those you love without having to drink alcohol. Some ideas could range from a day hike, a trip to the beach, signing up for social netball and playing in a team or even starting book club. Activities like these are fun and give you a chance to hang out with your mates all without the drinking.


We hope these tips give you some tangible ways to reduce your alcohol consumption and help begin your journey with going alcohol free. There is no wrong way to begin this journey, it starts one drink at a time.