How to say NO to a drink

Socialising, Sans Booze

A lot of people find that once they start drinking more mindfully, they're not sure how to navigate socialising without booze. Whether it's going the whole occasion without a drink, or limiting your consumption, here are a few tips you can use to help you feel more comfortable about saying no to a drink.

Tip 1 - Keep it simple

You don't have to explain yourself. If you're anything like me, you'll over-analyse the situation and think that you must give a well-argued response to any questions of not drinking. This is simply not the case. A simple "no thank you" can suffice. But if in doubt...

Tip 2 - Deflect

After a simple no thanks, quickly fire back a question. "Oh, how did you go with ..."; "did you hear about...". People love talking about themselves, so this is a sure fire way to distract them.

Tip 3 - One I prepared earlier

Have a reason prepared. A simple little explanation can help avoid excessive peer pressure and get others to back off. Try these to get you started:

    • I need to get up early tomorrow
    • I'm driving
    • I don't need the empty calories
    • I'm on a health kick
    • I feel much better when I don't drink

    These tips, combined with some practical tactics like having a glass in you hand (especially if it's one of our gorgeous botanically built wines), will help you gain confidence on your mindful drinking journey.