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Altina Drinks Creates Sophisticated, Complex and Unique Flavours for an Unmatched Alcohol Free Experience. • Low/ No Added Sugar • Low Calories • Natural Ingredients • Simply Delicious • $5 Shipping Nationwide or Free Shipping Over $80

17 products

17 products

Altina's Non Alcoholic Products - Alcohol free craft drinks that pack a punch without the alcohol!

Our delicious non alcoholic products & drinks are powered by plants and contain barely any sugar so you can have peace of mind while sipping away on a sophisticated drink. 
Whether you're looking for sparkling non alcoholic drinks, mocktails, booze free wine alternatives, alcohol free hamper gifts, sobriety gifts, 1 year sobriety gifts, festival cocktails, zero wine, alcohol removed wine Australia, champagne 0 alcohol, non alcoholic spirits, non sparkling moscato or a healthy drink option, there's flavour here for all taste buds. 
We’ve bottled up our non alcoholic products and drinks with a vision to make sophisticated, beautiful and flavour forward drinks available to all. Guilt free fun drinks without alcohol, minus the hangover. 

Non Alcoholic Products For Guilt Free Fun 

We all know that drinking too much is bad for your health, causes problems in relationships and leads to poor performance at work or school. But most of us still want our drink on occasion without feeling guilty about it later.

Altina's non alcoholic products are the perfect solution. Our non-alcoholic drinks are guilt-free alternatives that taste great and don't cause any of the negative side effects associated with alcohol consumption. Unlike other non-alcoholic beverages our products come without all that sugar, they're vegan friendly and best of all they're low on calories That means you can enjoy them whenever you like without worrying about calories or gaining weight!