Alternatives to Non Alcoholic Spirits

Altina Drinks Creates Sophisticated, Complex and Unique Flavours for an Unmatched Alcohol Free Experience. • Low/ No Added Sugar • Low Calories • Natural Ingredients • Simply Delicious • $5 Shipping Nationwide or Free Shipping Over $80

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9 products

Alternative to Non Alcoholic Spirits - Fun Without the Hangover 

Altina alternatives to non-alcoholic spirits are a perfect solution for designated drivers, pregnant women and everyone in between. Our booze-free zero proof drinks are great for the silly season where your diary is full of consecutive Christmas parties or those days where you don't feel like waking up with a headache. Our Co-Founders know the feeling of a sore head all too well, which is why we've established a range of non alcoholic drinks to help you put that feeling to bed, forever. Using a combination of high-quality native, organic, and a range of unique ingredients, Altina alcohol-free spirit cocktail alternatives have no added sugar or nasty stuff. While many other alcohol-free alternatives are stashed full of additives and preservatives, we pride ourselves in packing Altina beverages with only natural ingredients (that aren't impossible to pronounce!) Think flowers, fruit, seeds, bark, herbs and spices, which work harmoniously to create unique flavours. Reminiscent of Australian native flora, our natural recipes formulated right here in Australia mean delicious flavours are crafted using the beauty of our backyard. We're blessed to have a wide variety of plants and botanicals unique to Australia, and we love that our range of beverages embrace the floral diversity. Altina non-alcoholic spirit alternatives are a reminder that drinks without any alcohol content can be relished using even the simplest of ingredients.

Non Alcoholic Spirit Alternative - Zero Proof Drink Ingredients 

We created Altina for people who love to socialise but had dietary requirements or consideration for their health that inhibited their capacity to drink regular alcohol. Our range of zero proof drink alternatives to non-alcoholic spirits are vegan, derived from plants, and gluten-free, so if you're looking for alternatives to alcohol-free spirits that tick every box when it comes to dietaries, we've got you covered. Altina zero proof alternative to non-alcoholic spirits are also low in calories meaning you can treat yourself to that extra serving of dessert without the guilt! Unlike alcohol which should be consumed in moderation, our drinks are fine to consume regularly and enjoy at any time during the day. Need something to pick you up in the morning? There's no judgement over here if you pour yourself a nip in the first thing! Altina drinks are suitable for every occasion. 

Buying Alternatives to Non Alcoholic Spirits - Zero Proof Drinks

Altina is a well-known alternative to non-alcoholic spirits Australia brand, and you can find us online or from several stockists around the country. Our drinks alternative to non-alcoholic spirits come ready to pour so simply chill, pick up some ice on the road and settle in at your destination with a cold tipple in hand. The convenience of an RTD makes get-togethers with friends or date night that much easier and takes the hassle out of organising activities simple. Pour your drink as is or get creative. If you're feeling a little adventurous, Altina alternative to non-alcoholic spirits can be topped with fruit to craft interesting mocktails that look and taste good. From martini glasses to champagne flutes, our range of beverages poured from sophisticated bottles look impressive in any vessel. Find your inner bartender, experiment with zero proof drink alternatives to alcohol-free spirits and relish the feeling of a clear head this summer!