Best Non Alcoholic Drinks - Zero Proof Options

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10 products

The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a Booze-Free Evening  

We’ve all woken up the morning after a Christmas party, wedding or corporate function feeling a little worse for wear. The feeling as you roll over in bed and remember the champagne you should have said no to (but said yes) to is all too familiar. It’s a feeling that doesn’t need to occur anymore, though. Our range of the best non-alcoholic drinks - in our opinion at least - at Altina is your gateway to an evening out, sans hangover. So, put a hold on the greasy hangover breakfast.

The Best Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

At Altina, we believe that the best non-alcoholic drinks are not just those without the alcohol content. They’re the drinks that aren’t laden with sugar, nor are they the drinks that are made with ingredients that can’t be pronounced. The best non-alcoholic drinks are those non-alcoholic beverages that are powered by plants and made from natural ingredients including flowers, fruit, seeds, bark, roots and stems, herbs and spices. We’ve formulated recipes that use the flora from Australia’s own backyard, combining each to produce a delicious tasting drink you’ll find hard to pass up. Altina beverages are organic and of high quality, meaning you can drink knowing you’re fueling your body with the good stuff. They’re far more interesting (and tasty) than a diet cola or soda water and lime, and they come ready to pour making your day or evening out so easy. There is no need to even worry about mixers or toppers. Altina beverages can simply be chilled and poured over ice. With a natural ingredients list and low sugar content, they’re perfect for those who are looking to cut down their alcohol consumption or those who have put up their hand as designated driver for the evening. 

Not Just The Best Quality But Elegant Looking Non-Alcoholic Drinks

With no harmful additives or preservatives, Altina beverages have also fast become a popular choice for pregnant women. Our non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for a wide range of preferences and the best non-alcoholic drinks to take when you need to make an impression. Packaged in beautiful, sophisticated bottles, Altina beverages not only taste good but look good too! They can be taken to BYO restaurants when you’re not drinking or taken down to the park for an afternoon picnic. They look perfect when propped up against a cheese platter, and with flavours that replicate your favourite alcoholic drinks, Altina beverages promise to deliver a good time. 

Buying The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

After many years of development, we’ve created our range of drinks we believe are the best non-alcoholic drinks available - And we think you’ll agree. Our approach to non-boozy beverage alternatives is one that has been carefully refined, and we’re excited at the thought of sharing our delicious drinks with the rest of the world. Whether you’re looking for the non-alcoholic beverages or just something a little different to drink, you’re sure to find something amongst the range. Altina drinks are available for purchase online via our website, or from many stockists around the country.