Best Mocktails

Mix and Shake the Best Mocktails Sans Alcohol 

If there's one thing we love more than basking on a rooftop bar on a warm afternoon, it's doing it with one of our best mocktails in hand. Altina drinks help you to replicate that rooftop bar experience synonymous with Australian culture, without the expense of a hangover the next morning. Mocktails are a non-alcoholic variation of cocktails which are usually a combination of liquors, juices, sodas and toppers like fruit or those cute little umbrellas. While the best mocktails don't contain alcohol, they do a darn good job at replicating the taste and giving you that little buzz and feeling of excitement that a good night is about to go down. Modern mocktails are sophisticated and look good in hand while delivering a fun, flavourful experience. Most bars and restaurants have a list of some of the best mocktails from all over the world, and often the most challenging part is choosing between fruity, sour or savoury. No matter what mood you're in, a mocktail will be sure to take your evening from good to great. They pair well with most foods as there isn't an alcoholic component to compete with the elements in your dish. In fact, the best mocktails should go with every cuisine. 

Mocktail History

Though sometimes they can be forgotten on a long list of alcoholic cocktails, mocktails have a history that dates to the early and middle 20th century. Named after the famous child actress, Shirley Temple is a ginger ale and lemon-lime soda mocktail with grenadine syrup and maraschino cherry. The Arnold Palmer is an iced tea and lemonade concoction that celebrates the famous golfer who would order it at country clubs after finishing a round. These mocktails are proof in the pudding that non-alcoholic beverages are just as good as (or better than in our opinion!) their alcoholic counterparts. 

Only The Best Mocktail Ingredients

When looking for a drink to enjoy one afternoon, our Co-Founders wanted a reliable, natural beverage they could drink without the hangover and added sugar, but they realised it didn't exist. Hence, Altina. With an ingredient list that features natural plants and botanicals, Altina drinks will have you feeling fresh the morning after an evening out. They're your gateway to drinking something delicious and sophisticated while steering clear of any nasty additives or preservatives. In other words, they're your go-to when you want something that tastes and replicates cocktails, yet is friendly to your liver and even better for your head. 

Buying The Best Mocktails

Our mission is to provide you with the world's best mocktails, and we think we're close to it. Our drinks are tantalisingly good while keeping your health in check! Ready to drink straight from the bottle (though we suggest you use a glass to keep things classy), Altina drinks makes elegant drinking easy. There's no fumbling around with mixers or shot glasses - it's as easy as picking up a bottle from your closest stockist, settling in on a picnic or at your favourite BYO restaurant and enjoying with a group of your closest friends.