The Perfect Food and Wine Pairing with Tweed Real Foods

The Perfect Food and Wine Pairing with Tweed Real Foods

In the spirit of Mother's Day, we've teamed up with Tweed Real Food, led by a fellow powerhouse mum, to bring you a very special new bundle – the  Altina Gourmet Box. It features our LIBERATE Collection of still non alcoholic wines, Tweed Real Food spices and a selection of recipes to create a delicious experience for yourself, your family or friends.

The lovely Julia from Tweed Real Food is a 5th generation farmer in Northern NSW. She’s a wife, mum of two, a mentor and author AND she has a real talent for putting together incredible spice mixes that elevate your cooking, using beautiful natural ingredients. If you love cooking up a storm with beautiful, clean and natural ingredients, and supporting small business, you can't go past Tweed Real Food.

 We can't wait to hear what you think about these beautiful pairings:

ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc and Tweed Real Food Avo Smash Dukkah

Create Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms for a tasty entrée or Avo Smash for a gourmet brunch. The crisp flavours of Finger Lime Sav Blanc work beautifully with the creaminess off the mushrooms or avo in these recipes

ALTINA Pepperberry Shiraz and Tweed Real Food Wild Porcini Salt

Treat someone special to a Wild Porcini Chicken and Mushroom Risotto, or deliciously tender Wild Porcini Steak

ALTINA Kakadu Plum Rosé and Tweed Real Food Cookies and Crumble Baking Blend 
Finish off a beautiful meal with a delicious Apple Crumble or mix things up with a Mixed Berry Crumble.


Christina and Julia


Ingredients and Allergen Information

Click here for ALTINA Ingredients, Nutrition and Allergen Information.

Avo Smash Dukkah: Roasted Chickpeas, Onion, Garlic, Pepitas, Parsley, Cumin, Red Bell Pepper, Organic Hulled Hemp, Oregano, Black Pepper, Cilantro, Salt, Chili.
May contain trace amounts of nuts.

Wild Porcini Salt: Australian Sea Salt, Porcini Mushroom, Onion, Garlic, Green Peppercorn. May contain trace amounts of nuts.

Cookies and Crumble Baking Blend: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, All Spice. May contain trace amounts of nuts.