Sponsoring the 2019 CWB Social Impact Awards

Sponsoring the 2019 CWB Social Impact Awards

We sponsored the 2019 Canberra Women in Business Social Impact Award. See below for the speech Alan gave to the audience before announcing the winner of the award.

"Sponsoring the Social Impact award is very special to us. Christina DeLay won the innovation award last year. She can’t make it tonight as we have one week old baby.

So how did we win the category last year? We produce innovative zero proof craft cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol and added sugar. Our vision is to normalise alcohol free drinking for events such as this where you want to celebrate but may not want to drink because it is Friday tomorrow.

We are excited to be the sponsor for the social impact award. This award strongly aligns with our values - "creating positive change through the work we do and the businesses we run."

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