Our nomination for the Impact25 Awards

Our nomination for the Impact25 Awards

Pro Bono Australia's Impact 25 awards honour leaders in the Australian social sector, as nominated and voted for by their peers. They are fighting to solve today’s greatest challenges through innovation, influence, collaboration and by catalysing social change.

Christina and Alan, co-founders of Altina Drinks have both been nominated in the awards (vote for them now to help increase their impact!). Here, they share what it means to them.


I am so humbled to have received a nomination for these awards, alongside some of Australia’s biggest influencers, leaders and changemakers. We started Altina Drinks less than a year ago, and from the very start our purpose was clear – to have an impact on the Australian drinking culture by creating world class alcohol free products and services. We set up the business as a social enterprise to ensure that this purpose is at the forefront of everything we do.

To date, we have had a huge amount of support from the Canberra community and have had real success in achieving our mission. Our work has been recognised by Canberra Women in Business and the we have received support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants program. We have run events with influential organisations who made the decision to provide alcohol-free options and used the occasion as an opportunity to invite discussion on the drinking culture. We have run workshops and masterclasses that invite people to think about drinking in a whole new way and give them confidence in socialising without alcohol. We have received countless messages of support from people who don’t drink, and people that do who have changed their relationship with alcohol.

For me personally, there have been huge challenges. From creating a new category of drinks in my home lab to establishing a commercial production facility to bottle them up, to navigating business strategy and operations as a first time CEO. This nomination has prompted me to stop and think about how far we’ve come – and there’s an overwhelming sense of pride in what we’ve been able to achieve, and gratitude to those who what supported us.


 I co-founded Altina Drinks to act as a vehicle to change the way we speak and think about socialising and drinking. I believe our impact needs to start in the workplace/corporate life because most of us spend 5 days a week in these areas. I have worked with different businesses and organisations to create alcohol free drinking and activities for staff at various events. The feedback from staff have either surprised or surpassed management’s expectation.

I’m so encouraged by the support I have received from the community and to know I am not alone in my impact to change the way we speak and think about socialising and drinking. Our business has received money through trade and sponsorship and mentoring time from highly experienced leaders. I intend to give back through continuing my work and positive impact on the community.

This nomination demonstrates our impact is real. I’m not just excited about the nomination opportunity now, I’m excited about how we can engage, interact and socialise in a community where drinking alcohol is not the highlight of the occasion. The highlight is the opportunity to catch up with people and have engaging, interesting conversations that you will remember the next day without the hangover. That’s the ultimate impact we are striving for.


Vote for them now to help increase their impact!

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