CBRIN - Shake it up at your next event

CBRIN - Shake it up at your next event

Altina Drinks was featured in Canberra Innovation Network's Start Up Profile Series. What makes our drinks so innovative is that our drinks are powered by plants and contain minimal sugar; the team have re-invented methods traditionally used to produce alcoholic drinks to get maximum flavour from botanicals, herbs and spices, without using or producing alcohol in the process. We create these non alcoholic products using processes different to non alcoholic beer or kombucha with no zero fermentation.

We shared how as a social enterprise, we have social change in our DNA. We’re using our brand as a vehicle for change by starting the conversation about mindful drinking and continuing it by creating unique and memorable alcohol-free experiences.

Our big ambitious goal is to normalise alcohol free drinking. There is currently a bias towards alcohol free drinking. When I don’t hold onto a beer in my hand at work functions, I’d always get asked if I am okay or if I am unwell. These are positive and collaborative colleagues, but the ingrained culture that we live in seems to suggest that we don’t drink, there must be something wrong.

Check out the full profile here.

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