POV: You Build a Lab in Your Kitchen the Get A Cease and Desist From Big Alcohol

You Build a Lab in Your Kitchen Then Get A Cease and Desist From Big Alc

This was 3 months before the “cease and desist” letter and thinly veiled threat of significant legal action from the biggest alcohol consortium in the country.


What was I doing? Trying to make non alc. drinks that taste incredible, and don’t leave you with a sugar coma.


That was 5 years ago. Did I keep going anyway?


 I had just quit my day job and was working hard on developing our new non-alc. drinks. Alan was busy talking to people and drumming up support for a crowdfunding campaign to help us launch ALTINA into the world.


 Then our world stopped. Now for "legal reasons"  (ha), I can't say who we received a cease and desist letter from, or what exactly we were being ask to cease and desist...


 But let's just say that innovating in the non-alc. drinks space scared the big guys.


 We considered throwing the towel in for about 0.000001 seconds and doubled down on what we were doing - clearly it was enough to get the attention of big alc!


 Now, we're one of a small handful of few independent producers in the non-alc. wine space (yes, most of the brands you see on shelves were spun up by big alcohol jumping on a trend amid declining booze sales).


 Why does this matter? Because ALTINA means EVERYTHING to us. That's why we put our names to it (Alan + Christina)! Creating incredible tasting non-alc. drinks is all we do, every single day.