Three tips to get through the silly season

Three tips to get through the silly season

As we enter into the holiday season, I’m sure you feel the expectation to drink at all these celebratory events and family gatherings, this can be a hard time to remain alcohol free, especially those new to the lifestyle. Well help is here because we’re going to give you three tips that we have found to help us survive the silly season and reduce your alcohol consumption throughout this time.


Have your alternative on hand

If you don’t want to be stuck with water or soft drinks all night make sure you come to the events prepared and with your non alcoholic drink options on hand, remember this could be non alcoholic spirits, non alcoholic wines or an abundance of other options to scratch your itch.


It’s also a good idea to come with a little more than you think you’ll need, these family gatherings have a tendency to go a little longer than expected sometimes, so you don’t want there to be no end in sight and you no longer have any of your alcohol free drinks left.


It also can’t hurt to bring a few varieties, sometimes after a few drinks you get a big bored and want a different favour, so if you think ahead and get this before you arrive this won’t be an issue, Altina has three different drinks flavours that will be sure to scratch that itch.


Communicate with your family and friends

If you feel comfortable enough to do so, definitely explain to your family or friends that you’re going alcohol free this year, this can prevent them accidentally swiping your non alcohol products that you brought for the event or even trying to push drinks on you to try, when you don’t want to, this communication can save an awkward encounter.


Hopefully when you communicate with your loved ones, they will be supportive of your decision to go alcohol free during this silly season and even jealous when you get up the next day without the hangover.


Don’t beat yourself up

Obviously, this tip doesn’t apply to everyone but in most cases if you slip off the alcohol free train and have one drink with your family it isn’t an issue. Don’t beat yourself up over this or feel like you can’t continue the non alcoholic train afterwards, there are no alcohol free police, you are free to have a drink and not feel guilty about it.


Although do keep in mind the reasons why you are going to have that drink, is it because you want to? Or are your loved ones pressuring to have “just one”? Is it because your stressed for the holiday season? Or have you not had your favourite pinot noir in a while and want to have one glass?


Keep these tips for remaining alcohol free during the holidays in mind, do what you are comfortable with and you should have an amazing silly season with your family, friends and any other loved ones.