Sharing our covid experience with The Canberra Times

Sharing our covid experience with The Canberra Times

We shared how we pivoted the business towards an online subscription model during covid with the Canberra Times. Small snippet below and check out the full article here.
Altina were among the third of Australian small businesses that altered their business model to capture a changing market during the coronavirus lockdown.
The social enterprise was founded two years ago with the plan to show people "socialising without alcohol doesn't need to be boring" and pushing a "mindful" approach to alcohol intake.

A national website and subscription service had been in the pipeline for a few months, but COVID-19 forced the business to hit the accelerator and get it out early.

Altina held Australia's first Zero Proof Festival virtually in July, celebrating "alcohol-free socialising" through social media and online events.

The nationwide lockdowns imposed in March led to a rise in drinking, an Australian National University study found.

Almost one in four women and one in five men who drank reported an increase in drinking during May.

Delay said Altina's cocktails were a healthy alternative to reaching for a bottle of wine at the end of a long day.

"People are used to the concept of subscriptions in the wine industry," Ms Delay said.

"We haven't seen one for alcohol-free drinks before."

Delay said the push toward buying everything online from retail to groceries helped expand the business which has taken on two new employees in recent months as subscription sales continue to grow.
This opportunity was made possible thanks to the support of Business Australia as part of the Together in Business Member Recognition Program. Cheers to that!