Shahrzad – A values based approach to health and wellness

Shahrzad – A values based approach to health and wellness

This month, we sat down with Shahrzad, digital creator at The Spot Beauty and new mum.

We asked Shahrzad what made her first start to think about drinking more mindfully. “I’ve always been passionate about my health and mindful about what I choose to put in my body. Wellness has always been an important part of my life and I want to choose foods/drinks that are going to benefit my well-being in the long run.”

Aligning her drinking habits with her personal values around natural health and wellness has really worked for Shahrzad.  “I rarely drink and I love the commitment I’ve made to be mindful about my alcohol intake.”


Shahrzad said that choosing to limit her alcohol intake has meant she doesn’t have any to fight a hangover on the weekend anymore. And with a young bub in the picture, that’s very important to her. “I love feeling fresh, healthy and full of vitality!”

 Like many others we’ve interviewed, Shahrzad recommends getting curios about your relationship with alcohol. “think about why you are drinking - do you really need that drink?” She suggests getting clear on your values and how alcohol affects what you’re prioritising in life.