Receiving funding for our Mindful Drinking Project

We have been successful in receiving funding from the City Renewal Authority to conducting a research project in Civic and Braddon to find out how “mindful drinking” activities, experiences and events are created and what the Canberra community feel they need more of in relation to non-alcoholic offerings.

The ACT Health’s Chief Health Officers report released in 2018 showed some interesting findings in regards to Canberrans and their drinking habits. The number of Canberrans who drink regularly is decreasing, with more than 55 per cent drinking less than weekly or not at all. Most Canberrans supported the idea of reducing alcohol harm in the community, and about 60 per cent want more alcohol-free public events and alcohol-free zones.

With the support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants Program, Altina Drinks is researching ways to help the Canberra community drink less while still being social. We are keen to hear the public and businesses experience and ideas to encourage the Canberra community to create innovative and exciting non-alcoholic events, experiences and offerings.

Businesses and the public can get involved by completing a short survey Saturday 2 February 2019. Check out the announcement here.

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