Non-Alcoholic Brew Comparison: Altina Drinks vs. Heaps Normal

Non-Alcoholic Brew Comparison: Altina Drinks vs. Heaps Normal

Navigating the expansive realm of non-alcoholic beers, two frontrunners, Altina Drinks and Heaps Normal, emerge as top contenders. In this comparison, we delve into the distinctive features and key benefits of each, ultimately revealing why Altina's Parc Pilsner stands out for a guilt-free, health-conscious, and refreshingly superior drinking experience.

Altina Drinks' Parc Pilsner: A Symphony of Health and Flavour Altina Drinks' Parc Pilsner is a masterpiece of brewing, epitomising the timeless Czech style. Crafted with precision, this super fresh, pale non-alcoholic beer lager not only delights the palate with crisp and clean flavours, refreshingly bitter undertones, and the bright character of noble hops but also boasts key health-conscious benefits.

  1. Ultra-Low Alcohol Levels: Parc Pilsner comes dealcoholised and features ultra-low alcohol levels <0.5% alcohol, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a truly non-alcoholic experience. With a commitment to authenticity, Altina Drinks ensures that the beer achieves its full-bodied taste without resorting to artificial processes.

  2. Zero Sugar and Low Calorie Count: Prioritising wellness without compromising on flavour, Parc Pilsner is crafted with zero sugar and a low calorie count. It's a guilt-free option for those conscious of their dietary choices, offering a refreshing alternative that aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle. This is the key difference between Altina Drinks' beer and Heaps Normal. 

  3. Natural Brewing Excellence: Altina Drinks takes pride in a natural brewing process, using a special yeast that maintains the beer's full-bodied taste without relying on alcohol. Free from additives and high-tech tricks, Parc Pilsner stands as a testament to Altina's dedication to authentic and traditional brewing.

Heaps Normal: A Flavourful Contender Heaps Normal, known for its innovative approach to non-alcoholic brewing, offers a variety of full-flavoured beers that mirror the complexities of traditional brews. While each variant in their lineup promises a unique taste, it's essential to consider the key differences in health-conscious benefits.

  1. No More Than 0.5% Alcohol: Heaps Normal aims to deliver a genuine beer experience with no more than 0.5% alcohol by volume across their range. While this aligns with the broader non-alcoholic category, Altina's Parc Pilsner excels in providing a truly alcohol-free option for those who seek it.

  2. Complex Flavour without Sacrificing Alcohol Content: Heaps Normal's commitment to flavour complexity comes with a trade-off – the retention of minimal alcohol content. For those prioritising a completely alcohol-free experience, Altina's Parc Pilsner emerges as the superior choice.

Altina's Parc Pilsner Reigns Supreme In the head-to-head between Altina Drinks' Parc Pilsner and Heaps Normal, Altina stands out as the undisputed winner for those valuing health-conscious benefits, authenticity, and a superior, refreshing non-alcoholic beer experience. Elevate your craft beer journey with Parc Pilsner—where health and flavour harmonise seamlessly, setting a new standard in the world of non-alcoholic brewing. Cheers to a crowned jewel among non-alcoholic beers!