How Gretchen went from "not drinking" to "zero proof"

How Gretchen went from "not drinking" to "zero proof"

Gretchen was never a big drinker – a glass of wine or two here, a whisky there – but as she aged she found that wine doesn’t agree with her. And, as someone who lives alone, she didn’t want to get into the habit of drinking on her own.

So her friends eventually simply accepted that Gretchen doesn’t drink and that was that. 

But then Gretchen found us on Facebook and decided to give us a try. She got in touch to tell us how much she loves our canned range. 

“I have several cans in the fridge all the time and have one several times a week.” She told us last week. Now, if she’s going to an event, instead of not drinking at all, she’ll take along a couple of Altina cans and pours them into a wine glass. 

“It LOOKS like I'm having a glass of white wine or a rose, but I don't have any of the nasty side effects.” 

We’re so glad that you got in touch, Gretchen!

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