Fun Non Alcoholic Cocktails available at Pialligo Estate

Fun Non Alcoholic Cocktails available at Pialligo Estate

We landed our first restaurant and it turns out to be a winery restaurant with a smokehouse. Pialligo Estate Canberra is an iconic venue that provides guests with delicious non alcoholic cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol when they choose not to drink.

You can now offer your guest a premium alternative instead of just soft drink and juice the next time you hold a corporate function, awards dinner or an event where you want it to be a special event for everyone.

It's great that RiotAct picked up and ran a story about this. See below for full content.

Canberrans, Alan Tse and Dr Christina DeLay, came up with the concept of a healthy, sophisticated non alcoholic cocktail after years of going to functions where there was very little alternative to alcohol. In fact, the only alternative was water, fruit juice or soft drink.

Alan, a financial consultant, and Christina, an IT consultant with a PhD in biochemistry, identified this gap in the market, which has resulted in the creation and production of Altina Zero Proof Craft Cocktails. Exciting, inspiring and delicious non-alcoholic drinks that pack a punch without the alcohol.

The Scientist and the Advocate: Dr Christina DeLay and Alan Tse, creators of Altina.

Freddie Raimbaud, the head Sommelier at Pialligo Estate, agreed that there needed to be an alternative for people who wanted to celebrate without having to drink alcohol. She’s impressed with the Altina range of non-alcoholic cocktails. “We definitely need to look after people who don’t want to drink alcohol, who want to be healthy, but also want to celebrate with others.”

Pialligo Estate is the first venue in Canberra to add an Altina non-alcoholic cocktail known as ‘Light me Up’ to their menu. Freddie says, “For a long time some of the non-alcoholic drinks were a little boring. People didn’t have much choice. This cocktail is great. Another plus is that it doesn’t have added sugar or artificial flavour. It’s really fun to drink and it’s so well presented.”

The inclusion of non-alcoholic cocktails on the Pialligo Estate menu is a major boost for Altina given the prestige of the venue in Canberra. Freddie says it also fits in well with the ethos of Pialligo in offering more organic products.

Freddie is one of thousands in Canberra currently involved in a fund-raising campaign known as Dry July. Participants are sponsored to have a month off alcohol, with funds going to provide services for cancer patients. An Altina non-alcoholic cocktail at Pialligo Estate could be just the tonic for people involved in Dry July, struggling to make it through to the end of the month.

The Altina cocktail has already been discovered by many Dry July participants. As Freddie has recognised, “Light me Up is already very popular because it’s such a delicious cocktail. I love it.”

Why not test it for yourself at Pialligo Estate?

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