From habit to choice: how Tim found a better balance

From habit to choice: how Tim found a better balance

Tim met Altina founders Christina and Alan when Altina was just a thought. As he heard more about their idea, he realised that it was exactly what he'd been looking for. 

At the time he told them, “I’m really keen to find a product that will replace my two glasses of wine after work habit.”

Tim caught up recently with Altina to chat about how his love affair with Le Blanc helped him rethink his relationship with booze and, actually, enjoy it more when he does choose to drink. He was self-deprecating when we asked about his journey: he isn’t attempting to live sober and he has alcohol often enough. That’s still a journey, we told him. 

There was never a crisis point for Tim that made him radically reassess his alcohol intake. He simply wanted to cut down without feeling like he was missing out. 

As a business consultant with a thriving practice, Tim needed a way to “throw off the day” and the natural choice was a glass of wine or two most days.

Over time, he realised that his two glasses of wine weren’t about the wine so much as the ritual. 

“That wasn’t concerning me from a health perspective,” says Tim, “but I was very conscious that it’s not good for my health in a nutritional sense and I was aware that it wasn’t helping my sleeping.”

He began to search for an alternative but they were thin on the ground. 

Eventually, he made his way to one of our very first tastings and instantly fell in love with Le Blanc. Now he routinely buys a box of it to make sure that there’s always some on hand.

It still provides the ritual of an after work drink. He loves the forest berry flavours as well as the slightly sparkling elements – after all, sparkling wine is Tim’s go to.

What’s it been like with the change? It’s subtle: there’s been no earth-clapping revelations, just small improvements in his sleep and a more mindful choice to indulge.

“I’m now quite conscious when I go to industry events,” say Tim, “I feel that I’ll miss Altina and wish I didn’t have to stand around and drink wine all night.”

When we asked for any final words of advice, Tim said that he loves the subscription service. He finds that the monthly subscription is almost exactly the right amount of product for him every month. 

Thanks for chatting with us, Tim! We loved talking about the small steps that people can take to change their relationship with booze. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Sometimes you just want something grown up without the foggy head the next day.

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