Christina winning the 2018 Canberra Women in Business Innovation Award

Christina has won the 2018 Canberra Women in Business Innovation Award. This recognition gives further social proof that Christina's innovative Zero Proof Craft Cocktails is a promising product that people are interested in buying and consuming them.

This also gives us further proof that people are supportive of us creating a New Class of Drinks, rather than just alcohol free craft beer or kombucha which are existing drinks categories. What made this a double win for us was we were also serving our delicious cocktails at this event hosted in Pialligo Estate. Through our pop up bar service, we served our flagship drink - Light Me Up and our experimental drink - Smoke 'n Mirrors.

This is our very first Awards event where our zero proof craft cocktails will be served along side wine, beer and cider. We want to give people a sophisticated drink choice when they choose not to drink alcohol.

Christina winning CWB Innovation Award

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