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Zero Proof Festival: Alcohol, Sugar & Weight

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Experts in Conversation: Alcohol, Sugar & Weight with Kate Freeman

*****For those interested in the virtual streaming option, just jump onto our Instagram and look for our account, Altina Drinks, at 6:40pm AEST on 29 July 2020.*****
Wednesday 29 July, 6:30pm, Rolfe Classic Mini Garage Showroom, 3/5 Botany Street Phillip 2606

Join Kate Freeman, Founder & Managing Director of The Healthy Eating Hub, at the beautiful Rolfe Classic Mini Garage Showroom ACT to hear the truth behind the "the beer belly phenomenon" while sipping Altina's alcohol free cocktails and nibbling on smoked chacuterie and other delights from Pialligo Estate.

Through the topic, “Alcohol, Sugar and Weight – The Common Clique”, Kate will share her views on how alcohol and sugar affect weight and how to build a healthy relationship with both.

Live tickets include a Tasting pack to take home to enjoy or share with a friend.

We are also offering free virtual viewing from the comfort of your home as well as the added option to choose a tasting pack with your virtual viewing and enjoy the guilt free cocktails from your lounge. The downside is not meeting people in person and missing out on Pialligo Estate's delicious smoked goodies, but you do get to watch from the comfort of your home- your choice!


You can add a Tasting pack to your (Free) Virtual Ticket to sit back and enjoy the sipping from your lounge.

About Kate

Kate Freeman is a Registered Nutritionist and the founder and managing director of The Healthy Eating Hub. After 15+ years in the weight loss industry, Kate was dissatisfied with the lack of credible programs available to educate and empower people to change their eating habits long term. So, she created one herself. The Healthy Eating Hub is Australia’s only online healthy eating program that combines ‘flip learning’, behaviour change principles and sustainable nutrition to help you build healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Alcohol, Sugar and Weight – the common clique

As a nutritionist, I am often asked whether alcohol causes weight gain and is there is any truth behind the ‘beer belly’ phenomenon. It’s not always as simple as one food effecting weight. In fact it’s usually a dynamic between several nutrient and habit factors. Join Registered Nutritionist, Kate Freeman, to find out how alcohol and sugar effect weight and how build a healthy relationship with both.