The Sobriety Tribe

We are looking forward to officially launching our Sobriety Tribe soon! We are just concocting last few fine touches and ensuring it as good as it sounds to avoid fizzling out.

If you want to be the first to know, contact us here with subject title, Sobriety Tribe.

Pop up Bar

Bespoke Cocktails



We have incorporated the Altina Drinks pop up bar into our last three customer events - each time Christina and Alan have presented specially BMW themed zero proof cocktails to our customers. Whether it has been an indoor or outdoor event, the pop up bar has enhanced the event experience and the feedback from customers has been extremely positive. They have been a dream to work with - so professional and reliable and nothing is too much trouble.

Martine P.

We’ve taken the decision to not serve alcohol during this evenings event. We don’t feel that this will detract from a great evening. During and after the event, we received overwhelming positive feedback that people attended an event that wasn't full of booze.

Ana T.