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Events, popups and bespoke creations

We can complement your event or venue with our sophisticated pop up bar service. We can work indoors or outdoors, day or night to provide you and your guests with a special zero proof experiences.
Cocktails served can include any of our signature cocktails or a bespoke cocktail. We can provide any or all of the following:

  • pop up bar hire
  • bar staff hire
  • glassware hire

We can also work directly with your chosen venue to organise the details so you have one less thing to worry about! 

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We also love to get creative and create bespoke cocktails to make your event or occasion extra special.

We’ll hold a workshop with you to understand the brief and explain the creative process. We’ll then take that information and design the whole zero proof experience, from the cocktail to the serving experience, glassware and garnishes.

We’ll provide you with a summary document explaining the story behind the drink and all of the details. We can work with you to create a unique experience like a secret reveal, tasting event, hands on workshop or even bottle up your cocktail to send to guests or clients. There are no limits!

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Our signature cocktails have been carefully designed to appeal to different taste preferences and moods. They work perfectly as a cocktail flight, or you can pick and choose your favourites.


Light Me Up

Refreshing and lightly sparkling, based on native Australian flavours. Forestberry and wattleseed are complemented with apple and green tea, finishing with a kick.

Great for: celebrations, toasts or welcome drinks.



Head in the Clouds

With lavender, ginger, lemon and unexpected spices, our lightly sparkling head in the clouds is great for relaxing and enjoying great company. With a touch of pashmak to encourage play.

Great for: cocktail parties with pizazz.



Espresso Yo Self

A pick-me-up with style, combining cold brewed expresso with scorched orange, warming spices and a hint of chilli. Served in a martini glass for maximum sophistication.

Great for: picking up the mood, coffee lovers.


Smoke N’ Mirrors

Dark and handsome, with smoke, maple, spice and chilli, this is sure to round out a great conversation. The flavour develops as you sip, creating a remarkable experience.

Great for: cold winter nights or summer sessions on the rocks.


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Altina Drinks is on a mission ‘to shake up the Aussie drinking culture’ – to enhance this message, we’ve taken the decision to not serve alcohol during this evenings event.  We don’t feel that this will detract from a great evening.” - Australian Institute of Company Directors

"It's been six months since the Xmas party with you guys and my staff are still talking about your drinks" - Mental Illness Education ACT

We are planning to have a baby but we still love socialising, this drink is great for those occasions.” - Moe S.

What I like about Altina Drinks is the low sugar content. It's refreshing, literally, to be able to drink something more sophisticated than a soft drink without the unpleasant effects of alcohol." - Jules E.

Drinks are amazing, has all the fizz of a champagne without the hangover the day after.”  - Jono W.

You don’t always want a beer or wine in your hand – this is the perfect alternative.” - Pat Q.

It’s the perfect drink for a workplace to support a fun and inclusive culture” - Galia C., CEO.

“This drink does a good job at representing our rebrand and values, tastes great too” - Rob K., Partner.

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