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The drinking culture in Australia is changing as we learn more about the negative health consequences of consuming too much alcohol.  People are increasingly seeking “better for you” non-alcoholic wines alternatives without the sugar fizz of kid’s drinks.

Altina’s collection of non-alcoholic wines is different. Most non-alcoholic wines are made from de-alcoholised wine with concentrated grape juice added.  Altina, instead, is built from botanicals and contains no added sugar. Our botanicals are cold steeped for a minimum of 36 hours to capture all those wonderful smells and flavours. We then triple filter out any impurities to maximise taste and visual clarity. This gives Altina a broader palate to blend from and a nuanced, layers and complex taste.


Altina is the perfect non-alcoholic botanical blend.  We combine the ritual and theater of wine with the discovery of new natural ingredients.  Because we build our products from specially selected botanicals based on their unique sensory appeal, we are not constrained by traditional non-alcoholic wine making techniques.  This approach gives us a wider palate to work with.

What’s more, our delicious non-alc wines are make right here in Australia.


Are you a white, red or a rose drinker? Well, now you can drink without moderation.

Let’s start with Altina Le Blanc.  These elegant white bubbles are cool and crisp.  The bouquet is a burst of Australian Forestberries and tart Apple.  These lively notations continue throughout the palate’s journey tempered by dry and delicate tannins of Green Tea with the nuttiness of native Wattleseed.  The finish delivers a refreshing and balanced acidity that gently lingers with the subtle warmth of cayenne pepper.

Or if red is more your style, Altina Sansgria is a lush and vibrant style of bubbles. The red colour is visually stunning.  Rich dark fruits including native Australian Riberry are balanced with sweet Orange, soft vanilla and spicy notes. This drink is delicately structured, complex, slightly sweet and ultra-refreshing.​

Sometimes nothing can beat a gorgeous pink rose. Altina La Vie En Rose is a delicate and crisp rose style bubbles with notes of Hibiscus, native Rosella and Rose petals. The palette is balanced with vibrant Citrus undertones to deliver a natural acidity and a fine creamy texture.  The finish is dry and refreshing with lingering flavours of tart Apple and Roses. ​

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Red wine has always been associated with sophistication and elegance. Now, with Altina's non-alcoholic red wine, you can enjoy all the flavor and complexity of red wine without the alcohol. Altina's unique process of cold steeping botanicals for a minimum of 36 hours captures all the wonderful aromas and flavors of red wine, while our lack of added sugar makes our non-alcoholic red wine a healthier alternative to traditional wines. Whether you're looking to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner or impress guests at your next gathering, Altina's non-alcoholic red wine is the best non alcoholic red wine for any occasion. 

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Looking for an alternative to alcohol? If you're searching for the best non alcoholic white wine, look no further than Altina. Our collection of non-alcoholic wines is different from anything else on the market. Most non-alcoholic wines are made from de-alcoholised wine with concentrated grape juice added. At Altina, we take a different approach. Our non-alcoholic wines are built from botanicals and contain no added sugar. This makes them a healthier option for those looking to cut back on alcohol without sacrificing flavor. Give Altina a try and see for yourself why we're the best non alcoholic white wine on the market!