Non Alcoholic Wine Alternatives

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6 products

A Non-Alcoholic Wine alternative that actually tastes amazing - zero proof drinks

You may have already heard the buzz, drinks like non-alcoholic wine, non alcoholic sparkling wine and alcohol-free champagne are more than the latest trends, they provide great alternatives to booze, our zero proof cocktails provide another alternative to these alcohol-free options. As an increasingly popular choice amongst Australians, discover the best non-alcoholic wine alternative, sparkling wine no alcohol alternative and non-alcoholic champagne alternative with Altina drinks. Our unique zero proof cocktail flavours actually taste fantastic and stand out among other wine without alcohol alternative brands, which you’ll love taking to BYO restaurants and on picnics with friends. We’re thrilled to have created a line of mouth-watering beverages that contain no alcohol and little sugar, yet still, give you that extra bit of pep before an evening on the town. Our gorgeous zero proof cocktail bottles are sophisticated and classy, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a beverage without the booze that looks so perfect in your cooler bag. Simply grab your Altina drinks, and you’ll be set for an enjoyable outing without the regrettable side effects of sugary alcoholic drinks! 

Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative - Zero Proof Cocktail Makers Australia

At Altina drinks, a wine alternative that packs a punch is important to us. After all, what’s the point in drinking a wine alternative without alcohol if it tastes nothing like the real stuff (or better)? There’s nothing like a good alcohol-free wine cocktail alternative review, and thanks to our delightful ingredients, you will find plenty of happy customer feedback at Altina! Without all the nasty ingredients and a recipe that takes your health into consideration, Altina drinks are hard to pass up. Treat your tastebuds on an evening or day out to our non-alcoholic wine cocktail alternatives – Sans the hangover, heart palpitations or dreaded sugar rush. There are far better things in life to look forward to than how you’re going to combat the headache the morning after drinking! 

Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative - Zero Proof Cocktails Ready Made 

If you’re needing a non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative, alcoholic free champagne alternative or sparkling wine-no alcohol alternative, wrap your hands around a zero proof cocktail bottle from Altina, stat. They come ready to chill and pour so simply grab a glass and add ice for a delightful afternoon tipple! Altina non-alcoholic wine cocktail alternatives are enjoyed with every activity, and we love the fact you can drink it anywhere and everywhere. At the park down the road? Sure. On the balcony at a friends’ place? Yep. With cheese and dips at the beach? We love it. Wherever you go, your favourite bottle of Altina will be your new right-hand (wo)man. They may be in pretty pink bottles but our drinks don’t discriminate; Both girls and guys love our variations of non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative cocktails! Whether you're heading out with the girls or on a double date with guys too, your bottle of Altina liquid gold will be appreciated by the whole table. On that note, it’s probably safe to take a couple of bottles. 

Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative - Zero Proof Cocktail Ingredients

Our online store makes buying bottles of wine drink alternatives without the alcohol easy. If you’re new on your journey drinking flavourful beverages without alcohol, excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours, we’re glad to have you on board, delivering delicious non-alcoholic wine alternatives Australia-wide is our pleasure! Once you treat your tastebuds to Altina best non alcoholic wine cocktail alternatives, we promise you’ll never look back.